måndag - augusti 5 - 2019

Hello and welcome to the place I call home on this our World Wide Web. My name is Fredrik Berglund, but online, I usually go by the moniker Blynt (a slight variation of the nickname “Blund” that my childhood friends gave me).

I was born in the early eighties. I’m old enough to have had a childhood completely void of the Internet. Actually void of computers altogether. When I went to school, I learned to type on an actual typewriter (for you youngsters out there, that is like a keyboard mounted directly onto a printer).

Being in my late thirties means I’m part of the last generation that remembers life without the Internet. And these days I have two kids who will never have been truly offline. It also means I know the difference between the Internet and an internet.

My first experience of the Internet came when my parents bought a modem in the mid-nineties, most likely because of my interest in the family’s old handed-down PC. Sweden had one of the first commercial Internet service providers outside the United States so the family became accidental early adopters.

Mosaic, gopher, newsgroups, email. Those had a profound impact on me that lasts to this day, an impact that in many ways formed my life.

My first ever job involved helping people connect to the Internet via the support help desk at iconic Tele2/Swipnet. I then moved onto helping individuals and businesses with their online presence at web host Loopia. These days I run product management at SolarWinds Pingdom where we work hard on making the Internet faster and more reliable through the art of end-user experience monitoring.

It’s hard to overstate the impact the Internet has had on my life. The jobs I’ve had wouldn’t have existed without it. I wouldn’t have found my fiancée — the mother to my children — without it. And you wouldn’t read this fine piece of copy without it.

Needless to say, the Internet has been an omnipresence in my life and I care deeply about it, and don’t be surprised if many of the musings on this site focus on it.

But of course I’m more than a lover of all things Internet. I’m an INFJ. I am curious, creative, and I want to learn all there is to know about pretty much everything — but I get bored quickly and have a very short attention span. Not always the most perfect of combinations.

I come up with business ideas on a daily basis. I’ve started four companies. None of them made any money and I shut them down quickly. I’ve been the owner of a convenience store for about two weeks until I realized I did not want to stand behind a counter selling cigarettes, light beer, and lottery tickets.

I’m a pragmatic vegan and I’m very happy to live at a point in time when it’s OK to say I don’t believe in God and that I think it’s a disgrace that the head of state in the modern democracy in which I live is a non-elected monarch.

I’m also a happy and grateful father of two amazing boys who are proof that evolution is indeed going in the right direction.

Someday I want to get a pilot’s license, get a sailboat and sail around the world, learn to ride a motorcycle, learn to dance, learn to dive, go to Burning Man, focus more on writing and drawing, take up learning to play the piano, talk more to strangers, and become a rock star programmer.

I’m thankful to live a life that is full of opportunities and I’m grateful to those who built the great nation in which I live. I consider myself more of a European than a world citizen, but more of a Swede than a European. When my kids are grown up, I hope they feel the opposite.

I’m humbled by the fact that absolute poverty in the world will be eradicated during my lifetime. That we will mine asteroids and go to Mars. And I’m hopeful that the 50% of jobs that will be taken over by machines in the coming ten years (or so they say) will make us all better off.

I rarely watch TV or listen to music, but I make it up by watching a lot of TED talks and listen to audio books while on my bike to work.

Finally, I don’t seem to find a decent end to this page so let’s just stop here and now. Well, by the way, if you want to get in touch with me, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]. You can find my public PGP key here.