About Me

Published: Monday, April 27th 2020
Updated: Friday, March 4th 2022

I’m Fredrik Berglund and this is my website - welcome! If you want to know what I look like, the little avatar at the top of this page (which I drew a few years ago) comes pretty close to reality - except for the fact that these days I’m wearing glasses and have a bit of a beard. Will have to update it some day.

When I originally wrote this text, I was in my late thirties. Since then I’ve turned fourty (the new thirty). I’m grateful to have two wild but smart and loving boys. I’m also very grateful to live together with the mother of those boys, the love of my life. I’m pretty good at blending in, but underneath I want to stand out. I rarely see things as black and white. Most everything is just shades of gray. I’ve found that even that which might seem really weird at first glance often is very reasonable when looking through someone else’s lens.

Some of my interests include green ideology, sustainable living, democracy, politics, urban farming, technology, free and open source software. I’m also doing my best to notice and learn to appreciate all the small pleasures in life.