About This Website

Published: Friday, May 1st 2020
Updated: Friday, March 4th 2022

As a true technologist and societal geek I cannot stop myself from writing about the tech stack that makes up this website and its legal requirements before I even write my second blog post. But that’s who I am so here goes:


This website is entirely static and generated with the Hexo blog generator. I tried really hard to create a website with the slightly more popular (GitHub star-wise) and versatile Hugo generator, but I found it overly complex, and with no knowledge of Go, Hexo won my heart through it’s relative simplicity and because I know enough JavaScript to get it to do what I want.

The chrome of this website weighs in at just about 25 KB (including logo and optional favicon). Although I thought long and hard about using a webfont to ensure identical typography across any device, I decided against it as it would have easily increased the weight of the website tenfold, and I wanted focus on speed and transferring my writing to you, as opposed to focusing on transferring all sorts of plumbing just to see that writing.

The content and website theme is version-controlled in a git repo at GitHub and the website is hosted by Netlify. Any push to master automatically provisions an updated version of the website to Netlify, so the deployment toolchain is extremely convenient. DNS resolution is provided by Cloudflare. I’m currently on a free tier on all of these services which means they’re generously offered free-of-charge. I can highly recommend them.

Color scheme

The color scheme of this website is loosely based on the Monokai theme, although it’s starting to deviate further and further from it.

My cookie policy is that I won’t store any first or third party cookies on your device other than what might be necessary for the website to work properly. By doing so, I don’t have to ask for consent and interrupt your browsing experience by showing an obtrusive cookie banner.

At present the only cookie(s) that might be stored on your device comes from Cloudflare which I’m using as DNS provider and load balancer, and they might store a few cookies for these purposes. Other than those, your cookie jar should be empty.

Personally identifiable information

This website doesn’t actively store any personally identifiable information (also known as PII data) locally or transmit any PII data to any third party. By surfing the web, however, your IP address might be stored in access logs by my hosting provider Netlify or in systems between your device and Netlify, but for all intents and purposes, that’s beyond my control.

Like most websites, I do link to documents on other websites. I do my best, however, to make sure this website doesn’t depend on resources (such as images or fonts) from other places on the web, especially from companies (such as Google and Facebook) that are known for snooping in on people’s browsing activity.


This website belongs to me, Fredrik Berglund. On it I publish my personal thoughts and ideas. If you want to contact me, you are more than welcome to send an email to [email protected]. If you want to encrypt your message, you can find my public PGP key here.

Another way to securely communicate with me is via Keybase. Every now and then I might publish a post or two on social media. The platforms I use most often are these: