Happy Mother's Day

Published: Sunday, May 31st 2020
Tags: personal

Today we celebrate those who really make the world go round. Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes, I know it’s not Mother’s Day today everywhere, but here it is :).

On a very personal note (it’s my blog after all), this will be a Mother’s Day I’ll remember. After celebrating the children’s mother with breakfast on the bed (my fiancée, that is), it was time to do some work in the garden (I’m building a pond), but just as lunch was coming up, I accidentally shoved a pickaxe into my left leg!

Nothing nearly life-threatening of anything, thankfully, but after calling 1177, I was adviced to go to the hospital to at least get a tetanus booster. So my fiancée (the family’s super mom) drove me to the emergency room where I not only got a tetanus shot, I was also stitched up.

So I didn’t get very far today with the pond, and I’m pretty happy my day job doesn’t require much physical labor from me. As long as I can climb the stairs to my home office, no one can really tell I had an adventure today.