The Love of Nature

Published: Monday, May 4th 2020
Tags: thoughts nature

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden has (as of yet) been one of just a handful of nations that have not enforced any major lockdown measures. Regardless of what you might think about that, my hope is that if there are any positive outcomes of this pandemic, then one might be that the population of this country could have come to rediscover the beauty of the nature around them.

Swedes have long been known for their love of nature, but social distancing recommendations really seem to have turned local trails and landmarks into weekend destinations of choice for most everyone. Never before have our family been out and about as much in our free time, and never before have we met so many others doing the same (at a reasonable distance, of course).

Having this opportunity while others are confined to their homes for weeks, one really comes to appreciate the small things we’ve always taken for granted.