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Too many big things

Mon 24 October 2016

Last Friday, when a sizable chunk of the Internet was slowly breaking down, thanks in part to Internet-connected toasters, one of my colleagues aptly mentioned something in the company war room chat that I've been thinking about for some time:

There are too many big things using the same provider.

Although designed to be completely decentralized, the Internet has become more and more of the opposite.

This is true of the infrastructure used to provide the Internet services we all enjoy. And it is true of the Internet services themselves.

Only a handful of DNS and infrastructure providers are running most of what's on the Internet today. Take one of them out and the online world is completely altered.

And only a handful of companies run the online services that the vast amount of us actually use the Internet for. Take one of them out and the online world is completely altered.

Or partner with one of them and you have most of what you need for your mass surveillance program. But who says the partner’s surveillance is any worse than what's possible by the service provider itself?

One thing the Internet does so well is that it tears down borders. But without borders, there is no need for multiple services of the same kind. So when anyone can access any service, why would anyone settle for anything but the best?

And therein lies a problem.